Network Design


Our end-to-end approach to routing, switching, and network management enables our customers to manage their network centrally and provide everyone in the organization— including those at remote sites—access to the same business applications and services, and to each other.

Key Benefits

Secure Access and Connectivity – Securely access network services from wired and wireless devices across different locations.

Infrastructure Consolidation and Utilization – Improve the utilization of network components through consolidation, partitioning, and dynamic provisioning to support investment protection and lower operating expenses.

Business Continuity– Maintain the highest availability of data, applications and services on your network, while minimizing the high costs associated with network downtime.

Service and Application Delivery– Provide consistent delivery of services and applications over the network regardless of user location.

Automated Management– Utilize policies, diagnostics and provisioning to automate the process of monitoring, managing, and maintaining the network infrastructure and traffic.

Communication Convergence and Real-Time Collaboration . Enhance user interaction and the ability to share content, applications, and tools at any time, from any location.